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 My Weekly Web-Manga Prime

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Rain Wase

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PostSubject: My Weekly Web-Manga Prime   My Weekly Web-Manga Prime EmptySat Oct 16, 2010 10:56 am

My Weekly Web-Manga Prime Blog1

Earlier this year I set out to create what I hoped would one day evolve into the greatest web-manga of all time. And like all good things you gotta start off somewhere. I started off posting on tokyopop and deviantart. Prime launched late last year and with its birth sought out forums seeking advice and exposure and I got a ton of both. So many awesome critiques, a moderate amount of respect for attempting the monumental task of releasing actual manga on a weekly basis--beyond the one page standard, and a tiny amount of actual praise and fandom (haha, btw I'm thankful for even that much being that old Prime had a lot of improving to do).

I churned out a good plot of chps, started getting a decent amount of traffic and kept trying to apply advice as best I could, then I hit a wall. Although I was improving a bit and the story was picking up the growth wasn't nearly fast enough to recruit a viral amount of readers and the early suckiness of the chps deterred a lot of potentials. So I decided to do something epic, stop Prime completely. Revamp it from the ground up, draw enough chps so that I had enough for strict weekly releases, apply all the artistic advise I was given, and host it on a site--smackjeeves--that allowed users to comment on the work directly. And so 8 months later here we are, Prime 2.0; art improved, story laid out, and my drive more concentrated than ever and now I find myself here, hoping to grow and learn from you all--as well as entertain you so: Enjoy. Critique. Love. But above all, hold it to the same standards as the manga you adore.

Read new Prime here:


p.s. i wasn't sure if this was considered art or a fan fiction so i posted here, sorry ^_^;;
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My Weekly Web-Manga Prime
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