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 Disney Happy World Series

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PostSubject: Disney Happy World Series   Disney Happy World Series EmptyFri Nov 19, 2010 8:32 am

Ive been in Southern California for Disney collectionthe past week with my family enjoying the parks,Disney dvdSan Diego, Huntington Beach and the rest of the sites around Disney dvd box setthe area. Today, we had a chance to be among the very first groups to ever take a tour behind the scenes at Disneyland. This is something being set up by the Disney Institute as a special program not for sale to the general public.Disney dvd collectionI was very excited about this very few people have been backstage at Disneyland and this was a rare and special treat for me, and the 40 podcast listeners Walt Disney DVDwho signed up to join us.
Ill save the details of the tour for another walt disney classic collectionblog, as well as for next weeks show. Disney dvd collection I also wont go into great detail right now about Disney collectionhow it came to pass that I was invited to see Walt Disneys apartment on Main Street in Disneyland. For now, its enough to say that I was invited, along with 5 other friends and Im still reeling from the experience.
To enter the apartment we were taken backstage Disney dvdjust alongside the firehouse on Main St. We walked Disney dvd box setbehind the guest relations building to a stairway that led up to the patio that overlooks Main St. This used to be a VIP viewing area for Disney dvd collectionthe parade, but thanks to a large tree that grew to block the view, its no longer used for that.

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Disney Happy World Series
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