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 The Simpsons Channel

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PostSubject: The Simpsons Channel   The Simpsons Channel EmptySat Nov 20, 2010 9:14 am

Rupert Murdoch's Fox News Channel threatened to simpsons season dvdsue the makers of the Simpsons over a spoof news ticker, the show's creator Matt Groening has claimed.
Mr Groening said Fox News raised the unlikely prospect of The Simpsons 1-21 DVDsuing a show broadcast by its sister channel, Fox Entertainment, because it wanted to stop the Simpsons parodying its famously anti-Democratic party agenda.The alleged row centred on a parody of Fox News' the simpsons dvdrolling news ticker, which included headlines such as "Do Democrats cause cancer?" Mr Groening said the news channel backed down The Simpsons DVD Seasonbecause it would have caused Fox to bring a lawsuit against itself.
"Fox said they would sue the show and we called The Simpsons DVD Settheir bluff because we didn't think Rupert Murdoch would pay for Fox to sue itself. We got away with it," Mr Groening told The Simpsons Seasons 1-21 DVDNational Public Radio in the US."But now Fox has a new rule that we can't do those Futurama dvdlittle fake news crawls [tickers] on the bottom of the screen in a cartoon because it might confuse the viewers into thinking it's real news," he added on NPR's Fresh Air programme.
The episode of the Simpsons in question showed Mickey Mouse Clubhouse dvda rolling news ticker at the bottom of the screen, which read: "Pointless news crawls up 37 per cent... Do Democrats cause cancer? Find out at Rupert Murdoch: Terrific dancer... Dow down 5,000 points... Study: 92 per cent of Democrats are gay... JFK posthumously joins Republican Party... Oil slicks ponyo dvdfound to keep seals young, supple..."
Fox News denied the channel had ever threatened legal action."We are scratching our heads over here. We liked Ben 10 dvdthe cartoon. We thought it was great," Robert Zimmerman, a Fox News spokesman, told the Independent.Last year the makers of the Simpsons apologised to lion king dvdBrazilian tourist officials who had threatened to sue over an episode that poked fun at Rio de Janeiro.

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The Simpsons Channel
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