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 Creators Labo & Witchblade very hot manga figurines !!!

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PostSubject: Creators Labo & Witchblade very hot manga figurines !!!   Sun Mar 22, 2009 4:19 am

I buyed these hot manga figures for complete my collection!!! My wife really don't like them but i very like anime and manga figures !!! She are so cute and sexy !! No !!

Funny Knights Kuchu Yousai Shinobu-chan Statue

Creators Labo 019 Kinsetsushien Maid Sangou Chan Statue

Witchblade Shiori Tsuzuki Statue

Dragon Destiny Kanu Unchou China Dress Statue

I invite you to my collectibles manga and action figures site. Tons of figures collectibles links !!!

I hope you will enjoy and find something new !!!
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Creators Labo & Witchblade very hot manga figurines !!!
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