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 Urokosukidoji(Legend of the Overfiend) Greatest Manga installment ever? YES/NO ??

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PostSubject: Urokosukidoji(Legend of the Overfiend) Greatest Manga installment ever? YES/NO ??   Tue Apr 20, 2010 9:28 pm

Initially created by Toshio Maeda in 1986 mixing elements of the supernatural, humour, horror, violence, and sadistic scenes of rape never really seen in japan before in quit that way(style) Finally developed into an animated movie in 1989.

In my opinion, when it comes to Mangas, you simply can't do better than Urokosukidoji

Opening dialogue:

"Mankind... you are an ignorant race! How foolish it is to believe that your kind rules the Earth! Know now that you are not alone! There are unseen worlds which exist parallel to yours. These are the worlds of the Makai, a race of demons, and the Jyujinkai, those who are half-human and half-beast. There is an ancient legend, a prophecy, foretelling the appearance of a superbeing every 3000 years. He is called the CHOJIN, a god above all gods, the Overfiend. The Chojin will appear through the body of a human and, with his great power, he will unite the three worlds. He will create a new world, a world of peace and harmony. His time has now come. Ignorant humans--the truth shall now be revealed!"
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Urokosukidoji(Legend of the Overfiend) Greatest Manga installment ever? YES/NO ??
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