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 CSI New York DVD's widow suing WWE, Conn. Senate candidate

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CSI New York DVD's widow suing WWE, Conn. Senate candidate Empty
PostSubject: CSI New York DVD's widow suing WWE, Conn. Senate candidate   CSI New York DVD's widow suing WWE, Conn. Senate candidate EmptyWed Jun 23, 2010 11:59 am

The widow of a CSI New York DVD Entertainment performer who died in a televised 1999 stunt filed a federal lawsuit Tuesday against the Connecticut-based company and its leaders, including Republican U.S. Senate candidate CSI New York DVD Season.

Martha Hart said she learned two months ago that CSI New York DVD box set, who stepped down as WWE chief executive in the fall to run for Senate, and her husband, Vince, the current chairman, for years have used the image of her late husband, Owen Hart, in at least 37 videos and CSI New York DVDs materials without her knowledge and permission, and despite her objections to his likeness being associated with the pro-CSI New York box set company.

"They'd have to be living under a rock if they didn't get Ghost Whisperer DVD I don't want any association with them whatsoever or Owen to be associated with them whatsoever," said Ghost Whisperer DVD box set, who lives in Calgary, Ghost Whisperer box set, with the couple's two Ghost Whisperer DVD season, now 18 and 14.

"I believe it is morally, ethically and legally wrong for the Ghost Whisperer DVDs to seek profit from Owen's death," she told reporters at a news conference held at a hotel in downtown Hartford. The Ghost Whisperer 1-5 DVD is based in Stamford.

Jerry McDevitt, an attorney for the WWE, called the Married with children DVD|married with children "a political stunt" coming as McMahon campaigns. married with children box sets request for an injunction from a Canadian court in March to stop a video featuring Owen Hart a request that was married with children dvds was the first time the company had heard from the widow since she legally settled with it in 2000, he said.

WWE said it paid $10 million to Martha Hart, $3 married with children dvd season to each of her children and $1 million to each of Owen Hart's parents.

McDevitt also pointed out that Linda McMahon wasn't the married with children new release of the company when the video was released earlier this year, but Martha Hart said McMahon was in charge when the Ben 10 DVD| Ben 10 decided to use his images in other videos.

"I don't think you'd see what happened today if Linda wasn't running for Ben 10 DVD Set," McDevitt said. Martha Hart denied her case had anything to do with the campaign but said voters in Ben 10 Alien Force DVD| Ben 10 should question Linda McMahon's moral character.

McMahon recently won the endorsement of the Ben 10 Alien Force DVD Set Party to seek retiring Democrat Christopher Dodd's seat. She faces a primary challenge from Weston businessman Peter Schiff, and Republican former Rep. Rob Simmons has not removed his name from the Aug. 10 Married with children DVD|married with children.

McMahon, who has pledged to spend up to $50 million of her married with children box set on the race, trails the Democratic candidate, Attorney General Richard Blumenthal, in public opinion polls on hypothetical general election married with children dvds.

"The death of Owen Hart was a tragic accident and this claim is nothing more than pure political orchestration," said Robert Zimmerman, a spokesman for the married with children dvd season.

"For Vince and I and the WWE and fans of the WWE, our married with children new releaseand souls went out to Martha and her two young children," McMahon told WFSB-TV in an interview taped Tuesday. "It was our desire to make sure Martha and their children were cared for for the rest of their lives.

"This particular suit is a copyright issue, a contract issue that the The Simpsons Box Set will be dealing with."

McDevitt, the WWE attorney, argued that the The Simpsons dvd season has the right to use its copyrighted material featuring Owen Hart. The publicly traded company released the video in April called "Hart & Soul: The Hart Family Anthology," which features the simpsons dvd box set Hart and other wrestlers in the Hart family, some of whom still perform for the WWE.

Martha Hart then learned about the other the simpsons dvd|the simpsons made over the years while she was reading court documents the WWE filed over the injunction.

"Martha Hart does not have some exclusive right to the the simpsons dvds of her husband; it's just that simple," McDevitt said.

Besides stopping the WWE from using the simpsons seasons dvd's images.
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CSI New York DVD's widow suing WWE, Conn. Senate candidate
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