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 "Criminal Minds DVD" sets new low for TV game shows

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PostSubject: "Criminal Minds DVD" sets new low for TV game shows   Thu Jun 24, 2010 10:16 am

Here's a list of the types of Criminal Minds DVD who likely will enjoy "Downfall," the new ABC primetime game show that premiered Tuesday:

-- People under age Criminal Minds DVD box set;

-- People over age 5 who are nonetheless entertained by Criminal Minds DVD season things crash and break;

-- People who are stumped if asked to name a famous Criminal Minds box set inspired by the hula;

-- People who are intellectually overmatched by "Criminal Minds DVDs," which precedes "Downfall."

"Downfall" is played atop a downtown Los Angeles building that is described as a "skyscraper" but looks more like a 10-story One Tree Hill DVD or parking garage. To start each round, an obnoxiously overcoached contestant picks a category and then answers questions. It quickly becomes obvious one will never see these people on "One Tree Hill DVD Box Set!"

When the questions start, so, too, does a One Tree Hill Box Set belt loaded with prizes and cash. Until the necessary number of answers are given, the conveyor belt carries the objects over the roof. Cameras record their descent into oblivion, followed by obligatory One Tree Hill DVD Season.

However, like a lot of this six-episode series, the prizes are phony. They are mere replicas of the actual prizes, built to fly apart upon One Tree Hill DVDs. In a sense, even the top prize of $1 million is phony. Small print during the closing credits, legible only with the assistance of a pause button, explains that in the event there is a grand-prize One Tree Hill seasons 1-7, which seems highly unlikely, the money will be paid out over 40 years ($25,000 a year). Or the winner can get a lump sum based on net present value (perhaps about $200,000, One Tree Hill new release on assumptions about future interest rates).

There are a few other rules. Players can use a Cold Case DVD| Cold Case button and repeat the round. If they do, the prizes are taken off the belt and one of their possessions is put on it. The first contestant put her old dining room set on the Cold Case DVD Set; the second risked a set of used golf clubs. It's hard to imagine anyone worried about the loss of these items Cold Case DVDs, perhaps, the local Goodwill outlet.

Another rule lets a player put a "Cold Case DVD Season" on the belt. Still another rule requires the contestant be dropped off the roof when the game ends. In both cases, individuals wear protective jumpsuits tied to bungee cords. As such, the descent is as Cold Case new release as a fast food drive-thru.

The only pleasant surprise in this hour of CSI Las Vegas DVD is the work of the host, World Wrestling Entertainment's Chris Jericho. Whether because of his quick wit or his experience with phony situations, Jericho sets the best tone possible for someone tethered to this CSI Las Vegas DVD Box Set enterprise.

Matt Damon is in early talks to team up with CSI Las Vegas Box Set for "We Bought a Zoo," the true story of a man who used his life savings to buy a dilapidated zoo, replete with CSI Las Vegas DVD Season animals facing destruction, in the English countryside.

Damon would play Benjamin Mee who, along with his CSI Las Vegas DVDs, balanced caring for his terminally ill wife, with dealing with escaped tigers, raising endangered animals, working with an CSI Las Vegas new release skeleton crew and readying the zoo for a reopening.

The project is based on Mee's memoir of the same looney tunes dvd.

"Zoo" would mark a departure for Warner Bros Cartoons DVD| Warner Bros, who tends to make more dramatic or action-oriented thrillers. He next stars in the supernatural thriller "The Adjustment Bureau."

"Zoo" with its blend of animals and Warner Bros DVD, may occupy similar terrain as Fox's 2008 "Marley & Me."
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"Criminal Minds DVD" sets new low for TV game shows
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