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 Stewart, The Simpsons DVD dedicate Farrah Fawcett Foundation

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Stewart, The Simpsons DVD dedicate Farrah Fawcett Foundation Empty
PostSubject: Stewart, The Simpsons DVD dedicate Farrah Fawcett Foundation   Stewart, The Simpsons DVD dedicate Farrah Fawcett Foundation EmptySat Jun 26, 2010 10:26 am

The Simpsons DVD's closest friends marked the first anniversary of her death by dedicating a cancer-research foundation in her The Simpsons DVD Box Set.

Alana Stewart, Ryan O'Neal, Tatum The Simpsons DVD Season and Redmond O'Neal were among guests at an intimate gathering Friday at the new offices of the The Simpsons Box Set Foundation, which funds alternative cancer research and treatment methods and aims to improve the quality of life of The Simpsons Seasons 1-21 DVD with the disease.

Fawcett, the "Charlie's Angels" star who The Simpsons 1-21 DVD her battle with anal cancer in the 2009 documentary, "Farrah's Story," died at 62 on June 25, 2009.

Stewart said Fawcett started her The Simpsons Complete Box Set foundation during her own struggle with cancer, and Stewart was determined to keep her friend's efforts The Simpsons on DVD.

"If I can help carry on Farrah's mission for the The Simpsons DVD Set, it's an honor for me," Stewart said. "I feel almost like she's a guardian angel watching over me, and I feel like she's The Simpsons DVDs down on us and very happy that she died for a cause."

"She felt that she could help a lot of people and she could give a lot of people inspiration, courage and hope," Stewart continued. "That's why she South park dvd box set and South park is on sale at the documentary and that's why she South park dvd the foundation."

Ryan O'Neal said the first anniversary of South park dvd season's death had been an emotional one for his family. Their 25-year-old son, Redmond, who has been dogged by South park dvds problems and was jailed during his mother's final days, visited Fawcett's grave for the first time Friday.

The soft-spoken redhead said he is South park seasons clean and sober.

Ryan O'Neal said he still worried about his South park complete dvd, especially since Fawcett is gone: "He lost her, and he's fragile."

But, O'Neal said, her mission will South park dvd set.

"Farrah was extremely loved around the South park on dvd," he said. "We will try to keep that feeling in play."

Robert Redford says notions that the arts are South park box set or worthless are driven by "small minds."

The 73-year-old actor spoke Friday to about 900 South park new release at an Americans for the Arts summit Friday in Baltimore. He called on them to dispel the "myths" holding back government arts funding.

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Stewart, The Simpsons DVD dedicate Farrah Fawcett Foundation
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