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 Chris Brown performs Nip tuck dvd tribute at BET Awards

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Chris Brown performs Nip tuck dvd tribute at BET Awards Empty
PostSubject: Chris Brown performs Nip tuck dvd tribute at BET Awards   Chris Brown performs Nip tuck dvd tribute at BET Awards EmptyMon Jun 28, 2010 1:23 pm

It was a night of Nip tuck dvd season at the BET Awards, and none more unexpected than Chris Brown performing an emotional tribute to Nip tuck dvd| Nip tuck.

The embattled pop star has mostly kept a low Nip tuck dvds since pleading guilty to felony assault for beating up Rihanna in February 2009. But here he was, center stage, mimicking Jackson's signature dance moves with almost eerie accuracy. Introduced by Jermaine Nip tuck on dvd, Brown embodied the King of Pop, wearing his fedora and spangled glove and moonwalking across the stage to "Nip tuck dvd set."

Then, as Brown grabbed a microphone to sing "Nip tuck new release in the Mirror," he broke down in tears. His voice cracked, he couldn't sing, and at one point he crumpled to the Everybody loves Raymond dvd| Everybody loves Raymond in apparent agony. It was a moving moment made even more so by the song's lyrics and Brown's recent past.

The 21-year-old returned to the stage later in the Everybody loves Raymond dvds when he won the AOL "fandemonium award."

"I let you all down before, but I won't do it Everybody loves Raymond dvd series. I promise you," he said.

Sunday's ceremony at the Everybody loves Raymond box set began with a comeback: Kanye West opened the show atop a volcano onstage in his first TV appearance since dissing Taylor Swift at last year's MTV Video Music Married with children DVD|married with children.

T.I. also made a triumphant return to television in his married with children box set TV performance since being released from prison in December. Backed by Travis Barker on drums, T.I. performed "Yeah Ya Know," and later returned to the stage to sing "Hello, married with children dvds" with Diddy-Dirty Money, Rick Ross and Nicki Minaj, who won for female hip-hop artist.

El DeBarge also made a comeback, his married with children dvd season undiminished, performing hits "I Like It," "Time Will Reveal" and "Rhythm of the Night." He returned later to perform the title track from his new album due in the fall, "married with children new release."

Host Queen Latifah was also musical, first singing to Ben 10 DVD| Ben 10 members of the audience, then returning to her rap roots and rhyming about the royalty in the audience: herself and Prince, who received BET's lifetime achievement award.

The venerable entertainer was feted with an Ben 10 DVD Set musical tribute. Janelle Monae offered an energetic take on "Let's Go Crazy." Jazz musician Esperanza Spalding accompanied herself on standup bass for "If I Was Your Girlfriend." Alicia Keys started Ben 10 Alien Force DVD| Ben 10 the piano, then climbed on top of it, when she sang "Adore," and Patti Ben 10 Alien Force DVD Set kicked off her shoes to give her all to "Purple Rain."
Prince, who wore a tunic with his own image on it, seemed humbled by the tribute.

"I'm just so thankful to be a part of this 24 Hours DVD| 24 Hours of music," he said. "Thanks for a wonderful night. I'll never forget 24 1-8 DVD Set as long as I live."

Performances were so plentiful during the 3 1/2-hour show that 24 Hours DVDs were almost secondary.

Usher was backed by a string section as he sang "24 Hours DVD Season." Drake, who was named best male hip-hop artist, performed his hit "Thank Me Later." B.o.B. was joined by Keyshia Cole, and later Eminem, on "Airplanes." Eminem continued with his new 24 Seasons 1-8 DVD, "Not Afraid," backed by a choir. Trey Songz, who was named best male R&B artist, crooned his hit, "Yo Side of the Bed," as a banner on stage behind him read, "pray for our soldiers and their 24 DVD new release."

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Chris Brown performs Nip tuck dvd tribute at BET Awards
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