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 The new Vegeta

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PostSubject: The new Vegeta   The new Vegeta EmptySat Aug 16, 2008 6:54 pm

Episode 1: After all these fights...

After all these fights the Z fighters have been doing with the most worst bad guys, Vegeta is out in the mountains training...

Vegeta: Argh Kakarot! Why are you always so damn stronger than me! Someday i will achieve power higher than you!
Vegeta looks up in the sky and sees a spaceship which looked like a Saiyan spaceship
Vegeta: Whats this?
The ship lands somewhere near the mountains and Vegeta flyes to it.
The door opens and there comes a shadow out.
Shadow: So this is earth?
Vegeta: Who are you?!
Shadow: Hmm, this cant be. Vegeta? Is that you?
Vegeta: What?! How can you know my name?!
Shadow: Good to see you my... son
Vegeta: What? No!? My father is dead!
Shadow: After Frieza blow me up i flew into space, when suddenly i landed on a planet.
Vegeta: And?
Shadow: Someone found me, and they healed me, and trained me to become a warrior like i was in the past, and now ive found you my son...
Vegeta: Father...
King Vegeta: Son...
They both started crying a little
King Vegeta: I thought i would find you here, what have you been doing son? Destroying planets? Why isnt this planet "earth" destroyed?
Vegeta: Uhm...
King Vegeta: I hope you didnt ally with them or anything, did you my son?
Vegeta: Uhm... Actually... Yes...
Vegeta is embarassed
King Vegeta: Son, you ruined the familys name for slaying!
Vegeta: Im sorry father, but there is someone that ive always wanted to kill!
King Vegeta: And whos that? Some human?
Vegeta: No... Bardocks son Kakarot!
King Vegeta: No, it cant be!
Vegeta: Yes... We are rivals.
King Vegeta: Well in that fact... Lets go to this Kakarot guy and slay him!
Vegeta: Kill Kakarot?

Will Vegeta kill Goku? Will his father make him into a bloody slayer saiyan again? Only find out in the next episode.

Episode 2: King and Prince

Vegeta thinked and thinked. Kill his rival? He hates Kakarot alot but killing?. Vegeta: Hmm...
K. Vegeta: Son, come on with an answer!
Vegeta: Okay then... Lets put an end to Kakarot and this planet!
K. Vegeta: Good you got the Saiyan spirit back, son!
Father and son flew first to West City and started slaughtering people, destroying buildings and had a really fun time.
Vegeta: Its a long time ago since i had this much fun!
K. Vegeta: Thats good to hear, son!
Goku and the others were in Kame's house, when suddenly they see a tv report about the West City was blown to pieces and all humanity was killed in the city.
Goku: What!? Who could have done this?
TV: Here is a picture we got live from a mountain close to the ruined city.
Goku and the others looked and saw a man who looked alot like Vegeta.
Tien: Is that?
Yamcha: It cant be?
Krillin: Another Saiyan?
Goku: I think so!
Bulma: Well guys, then i think you should head out for west city!
Z fighters: LETS GO!
So the Z Fighters flew away heading for the west city (or the rest of it)
When they finally got there they saw the saiyan standing and laughing.
Goku: Who are you? Are you a... Saiyan?
K. Vegeta: Ahh, you must be Kakarot!
Gokus mind: He sounds alot like Vegeta!
Goku: How do you know my name?!
K. Vegeta: Well you are ofcourse my sons rival!
Goku: Oh my god?! Are.. you... Vegeta´s father?
Vegeta comes in front of his father and smiles.
Vegeta: Yes Kakarot, he is my father and we blew this city up!
Goku: But why?
Vegeta: Well you see, i hate you so much because you are always a level higher than me! And i will not allow that! I AM VEGETA! PRINCE OF ALL SAIYANS!!!!
Goku: Cool down, Vegeta!
Vegeta: Nooooo! DIE KAKAROT!
Vegeta jumps fast against Goku and fires a Galic gun, Goku evades but just then, Vegeta jumps on his back hitting him like a mad man.
Goku teleports behind Vegeta and hits him down to the ground.
Goku: Vegeta, why are you doing this?
Vegeta: Stop asking questions!! I JUST WANNA KILL YOU!!!
Vegeta starts taking his hands back and yells: FINAL FLASH!
Vegeta fires a full power final flash against Goku.
Gokus mind: It is too fast! I cant evade it!
The beam hits goku in the stomach and he falls to the ground.
Goku: Ve.. Vegeta... Wh.. Why are you doing this?
K. Vegeta: Well Kakarot, either join us and slay, slay, slay or get killed, you choose!
Goku: Id rather die than join you!
Goku gets up and makes himself to super saiyan 4!!
Goku: Im sorry to do this Vegeta, but i got no choice!
Goku rushes quickly over to Vegeta and makes a 1000 hit-kick in 5 seconds combo!
Vegeta evades the last 200 hits and kicks but got hurtened badly.
Goku: Vegeta, my friend...
Vegeta: I.. AM... NOT... YOUR.. FRIEEEEEEEEEND!!!!
Vegeta's power growed stronger and stronger and he gets into super saiyan 4 too!
Goku: Well Vegeta. I guess its a live or death fight, huh?
Vegeta: Stop talking, and fight! Fight like you've never fought before!!
Goku: You really want me to?
Vegeta: YES!
Goku starts raising his power higher and higher, when suddenly his hair turns silver and his muscles grow and he gets to super saiyan 5!!!
Vegeta: Impossible!!! A higher level!!!
Vegeta got so angry, that his power raised, until he put his fingers in a weird stance and his legs were also in a weird stance.
Vegeta: You are the first one who tries out my newest attack, Kakarot! Be prepared!
Goku: Bring it!
Vegeta yells: Starhowl Cannon!!!
A green beam of power bursts to Goku and he jumps up but the beam followed him!
King Vegeta shoots a beam at Goku so he falls to the ground.
The beam Vegeta fired hits goku in the stomach and Goku is beaten.
All the Z fighters were so frightened that they flew away except Piccolo, Krillin, Gohan and Goten.

Can the Z fighters help goku? Is all hope lost?Is there anyone else than the Z Fighters who can help? Only find out in the next episode!

Please comment number 3 will soon come!
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PostSubject: Re: The new Vegeta   The new Vegeta EmptyThu Aug 21, 2008 4:48 pm

Awsome story man! It a so good plot and i love it!!!!
Please make episode 3 fast! I CANT WAIT!! study
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PostSubject: Re: The new Vegeta   The new Vegeta EmptyThu Aug 21, 2008 4:51 pm

Episode 3: Help from the Z Fighters

Goku was beatened and Piccolo, Krillin, Gohan and Goten was there.
Goten: Daaad!
Piccolo: Damn!
The Z fighters planned a strategy.
Gohan: Okay, you guys ready?
Z fighters: Yep!
Gohan: Lets go!
The Z Fighters rushed with their highest speed over to Vegeta and hit him from all sides.
Vegeta: Stop... Bothering... ME!!!
Vegeta maked a energy barrier around him and the Z Fighters got hit.
Gohan: Vegeta! What has gotten into you!?
Vegeta: Hehe, i missed my saiyan pride! Now! Let me kill the weakest first!
Vegeta charged over to Krillin and before the others could rescue him, Vegeta fired a big bang attack right through Krillins stomach and he was... dead.
Vegeta: Now that anoying brat is gone! Hehe.
Gohan: You.. Monster!
Gohan was so piss*d off at Vegeta that he turned to super saiyan 2 and made a flying kick at Vegeta and they both started fighting!
Vegeta grabbed Gohans foot and swung it around 2 times and throwed him into a mountain, While Vegeta watched Gohan falling into the mountain, Piccolo Grabbed Vegetas back.
Piccolo: Goten! Now!!
Goten: You sure?
Piccolo: Yes!
Goten: Okay!
Piccolo; Hurry up! I can hardly hold him anymore!
Goten fired alot of ki-blasts against Vegeta and teleported behind Piccolo and transformed to super saiyan 2!
He had the same hair as Gohan ss2 and he was faster and stronger.
Goten yelled: Ka-me-ka-me-haaaa!!!
Gotens kame"ka"meha fired Piccolo and Vegeta.
Gohan got to himself again and he yelled: You guys attack Vegeta! I'll attack his father!
Piccolo: Urgh.. Okay!
Gohan looked around the field and saw that K. Vegeta wasnt there.
Gohans mind: Where is he?
While Gohan flew around and searched for him he gave up and flew back to the battle field and saw Goten and Piccolo crushed.
Vegeta: Hmpf... They ruined my clothes! And now its your turn! Gohan! And give me a real fight! Do your best! Okay?
Gohan: Heh, alright Vegeta! Bring it!
Gohan transform to super saiyan 3!
Gohan had the same colored spiky hair like super saiyan 1 and 2 but his hair was longer, not as long as Goku ss3 but longer than usual. His muscles where
alot bigger and he had no eyebrows (like goku)
Gohan: Now im ready!
Vegeta: Good!
Gohan and Vegeta charges against eachother and hits and kicks eachother alot!
Gohan: Pff! Is that the best you can do?
Vegeta: No, you want to feel my true power?
Gohan: Oh? I thought that WAS your TRUE power!
Vegeta: Grr! How dare you say that! Die!!!
Vegeta blasts some ki-blasts against Gohan but he evades them.
Gohan: Now, feel MY true power!
Gohan teleports around Vegeta and shoots him with ki-blasts.
Vegeta fell and Gohan said: Sorry Vegeta! But i give you one last chance! Join us or die!
Vegeta: I will... Join you...
Gohan: Good Vegeta!
Gohan smiled and gave him a hand. Just when Vegeta got up on his legs he kicked Gohan in the balls (Ouch!) Gohan fell and said: Urgh! Why Vegeta! Why?
Vegeta: Because im not like you Gohan! Im a true SAIYAN!!!
Vegeta shoots alot of shots against Piccolo, Goten, Krillin and Gohan and flyes away...
Vegeta: Now where did my father go!
Goku gets up on his legs and walks woundely over to his friends.
Goku looks at them and yells: VEGETA! YOU WILL PAY FOR WHAT YOU'VE DONE!
Goku falls down next to Gohan and he says: We will get him, Gohan. We will...
Vegeta flyes around and he sees a city being blown to pieces.
Vegeta: There he must be!
While Vegeta comes and K. Vegeta is blowing the city up, We go to another planet in the world called Rulik...
It was a planet that had many trees and forest and in the forest there 2 guys.
Guy #1: Come on Iképo! We have a long journey in front of us!
Iképo: I know, Opéki... But cant we rest? Im so tired.
Opéki: *sigh* okay. We will take a nap.
The next day...
Opéki: Okay, Iképo! You got your rest. Now. Lets go!
Iképo: Alright!
They both walked and walked until they saw a spaceship.
Iképo: Wow! whats that?!
The ship opened and they both walked into it curious.
Opéki: I think it is a... Spaceship!
Iképo: Awsome! Lets fly around the world!
Opéki: No! We should not leave our planet! There are dangerous beings outside our world!
Before Iképo heard it he pressed the fly button and they both flew away in space.

Who are these to beings? What are their purposes? Why did Vegetazoid make them? Find out in the next episode!

Yeah i know that i suck at writing fanfics but i promise it will get better
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The new Vegeta
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