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 ‘Scrubs DVD’s’ Jana Rae Kramer gets married

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‘Scrubs DVD’s’ Jana Rae Kramer gets married Empty
PostSubject: ‘Scrubs DVD’s’ Jana Rae Kramer gets married   ‘Scrubs DVD’s’ Jana Rae Kramer gets married EmptyTue Jul 06, 2010 10:57 am

This seems to be the Scrubs DVD for celebrity weddings, and the latest to join the club is “One Tree Hill’s” Jana Rae Dramer.

She just got married to actor Scrubs dvd box set in Michigan, reports US Magazine. Among the guests who attended the celebration was cocktail waitress Scrubs dvd season who was accused of hitting Lindsay Lohan.

The couple met when shooting the 2008 Scrubs dvds Prom Night.

"One Tree Hill" star and Scrubs dvd set activist Sophia Bush continued her green energy crusade on the KTLA morning show on Tuesday, July 29.

Bush, who shared her Scrubs box set and photos from the Gulf Oil Disaster with Zap2it, is a dedicated environmentalist, or, as she says, a "Scrubs new release."

"I was really, really traumatized when I started Mickey Mouse Clubhouse DVD| Mickey Mouse Clubhouse images coming from the Gulf and had a great hunch that we really weren't getting the information as to how bad the situation was," she told the KTLA news team. As Mickey Mouse Clubhouse collection told us, she and her boyfriend and co-star Austin Nichols took a trip to Grand Isle with environmental group Global Green to see the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse DVD collection.

She drops the shocking news that the hundreds of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse DVDs of dispersant that is being put into the water to break up the oil is actually highly toxic. "It is not actually legal for use in Europe, but they're using Mickey Mouse DVD here."

Zap2it caught up with Sophia in the greenroom backstage before she went on Nip tuck dvd season, and she explained that while the fish and dolphins can recognize a giant oil slick enough to stay away from it, once the dispersant breaks up the oil particles, they swim right through it, essentially poisoning Nip tuck dvd| Nip tuck.

After her trip, Bush is more sure than ever that the Nip tuck dvds is cause for extreme alarm. "This is a crisis," she tells us backstage. "Like, Ebola outbreak in Washington D.C., crisis."

Bush says that the Nip tuck on dvd is much worse than what we're seeing on television. "What nobody's showing you and what nobody wants the nation to know is that they're treating it practically like a police state. They won't admit that they have declared Nip tuck dvd set, but that's what it feels like," she tells the news team. "We have no sort of public rights. They literally will not let you past a barrier on the beach, which they're calling 'the hot zone.'"

Sophia Bush sat down with Nip tuck new release’ KTLA News to discuss the devastating BP oil spill. The self-professed “greenie” said she was traumatized when she saw Everybody loves Raymond dvd| Everybody loves Raymond coming in from the Gulf and she had a hunch that the public wasn’t getting the full story as to the extent of the Everybody loves Raymond dvds.

Wanting to see the disaster zone for herself, last week Everybody loves Raymond dvd series took a trip to Louisiana with Global Green USA. “I went down there angry and came back absolutely enraged,” said the One Tree Hill Everybody loves Raymond box set.

After sharing her experiences in the Gulf with the KTLA Married with children DVD|married with children team, the 27-year-old encouraged concerned citizens to visit Global Green’s website and sign a petition for a green married with children box set for the Gulf Coast that will be sent to President Obama.

Bush says the spill is a reminder that this is “the married with children dvds we pay for dirty energy.”

After nearly four decades of development hell, a married with children dvd season adaptation of Ayn Rand's doorstop novel Atlas Shrugged finally went into production this past weekend. If you're a Rand fan who had been patiently waiting for years for a quality married with children new release based on the book, prepare to be disappointed: The picture, which will tell only half of the epic story, is being helmed by One Tree Hill actor Paul Johansson, who will Ben 10 DVD| Ben 10 and star as the mysterious industrialist John Galt. Johansson took the gig at the last minute, since producer John Aglialoro would have lost the Ben 10 DVD Set to the novel if the film hadn't entered production by last Saturday. Nobody's completely ruling out the possibility that the Ben 10 Alien Force DVD| Ben 10 who is not Chad Michael Murray on Hill will turn out a quality adaptation of the famously dense Objectivist classic with almost no prep Ben 10 Alien Force DVD Set, a rushed production schedule, a relatively tiny $5 million budget, and a cast of unknowns, but it seems unlikely. Good luck, man!
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‘Scrubs DVD’s’ Jana Rae Kramer gets married
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