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 Don Johnson wins verdict in 'South park DVD' case

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Don Johnson wins verdict in 'South park DVD' case Empty
PostSubject: Don Johnson wins verdict in 'South park DVD' case   Don Johnson wins verdict in 'South park DVD' case EmptyThu Jul 08, 2010 10:10 am

A jury has awarded South park DVD box set and South park is on sale at $23.2 million in profits from the TV series "Nash Bridges" and issued rulings that may mean even more money for the South park dvd.

The jury award came after a two-week trial during which South park dvd season claimed he was owed millions in profits from the show, which aired for six seasons on CBS.

Johnson attended the entire trial and personally thanked South park dvds after the verdict was read Wednesday.

He sued three entertainment South park seasons Rysher Entertainment, 2929 Entertainment and Qualia Capital in February 2009.

"We're disappointed in the South park complete dvd and we'll appeal," said Rysher's attorney, Bart H. Williams. "We respect the jury's decision and we think there are a lot of pretty significant appellate South park dvd set."

Qualia Capital had no immediate comment on the South park on dvd.

An attorney for 2929 Entertainment, which was founded by South park box set and Todd Wagner, did not immediately South park new release phone messages seeking comment.

Rysher Entertainment contended during the trial that the Disney DVD Set| Disney dvd lost money overall and that was why Johnson hadn't been paid. Much of the show was shot in San Francisco, which contributed to high Disney dvd collection, the company claimed.

Jurors confirmed that Johnson's contract for "Disney movies dvd" included a provision that made him a 50 percent owner in the show's copyright. That determination could mean more money for the 60-year-old actor in the coming Disney box set.

"It was my idea, and I owned the rights in the first place," Johnson said in a statement. "From the beginning, I have asked only that Rysher Disney dvd our contract, and I am so pleased that the jury agreed with me."

The attorney who crafted Johnson's agreement for "Disney collection" testified that the copyright ownership stake was a one-of-a-kind deal in Hollywood.

Attorney Mark Holscher, who represented Johnson, said the case about more than just money for the actor, who rose to fame on the TV series "Disney cartoons dvd."

"Not just on a financial level, but on a personal level, it was vindication that he was getting credit for his Disney animation dvd," Holscher said.

Betty White's hot streak continues.

The ex-"Golden Girls" star's new TV Land sitcom, "Disney on dvd," has been picked up for a second season. The network has made a significant commitment to the show, ordering 20 Disney dvd box set -- twice as many as season one. The second season is tentatively scheduled to debut in January next year.

The order also answers the question of whether co-star Disney 100 years of Magic would continue with the show. The 88-year-old actress initially agreed only to a single season, and expressed some reservations about diving full time into a series Walt Disney DVD.

"Hot in Cleveland" debuted last month to 4.8 million Walt Disney DVD Classic, which TV Land touts as the most-watched sitcom telecast in cable TV history.
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Don Johnson wins verdict in 'South park DVD' case
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