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 Disney DVD Box Set flexes muscles in "Predators"

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Disney DVD Box Set flexes muscles in "Predators" Empty
PostSubject: Disney DVD Box Set flexes muscles in "Predators"   Disney DVD Box Set flexes muscles in "Predators" EmptyMon Jul 12, 2010 10:26 am

It has been 23 years since "Disney DVD Set| Disney dvd," a commando action film, sci-fi mash up starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, hit movie screens.

Now it's back in a Disney dvd collection, of a sort, called "Predators" that opens in movie theaters on Friday, but Arnold isn't. He's the California Governor, and in his place is Disney movies dvd.

Adrien Brody?

The skinny kid who won an Oscar in "Disney box set" is playing a tough-as-nails monster killer on a par with the muscled-up 1980s action hero Schwarzenegger?

It can't be. Disney dvd works in dramas and portrays characters like the classical piano master and Holocaust survivor Wladyslaw Szpilman in 2002's "Pianist." When he takes roles in war movies, he does so for a Disney collection like Terrence Malick's thoughtful "The Thin Red Line."

"Predators" is a big-budget, shoot-'em-up, Disney cartoons dvd popcorn flick. Yet, there Brody is, transforming himself into a ruthless killer who hunts down aliens.

"It's surprising to me, sometimes, when Disney animation dvd are surprised at my choices," he told reporters at a recent gathering. "And it seems they are more surprised as of Disney on dvd.

"But as an actor it's been a conscious Disney dvd box set to do my best to not repeat myself, so that I keep the process for myself interesting and for the people that have seen my work. I've looked long and hard for an opportunity like Disney 100 years of Magic."

In fact, the 37-year-old said it was "a big coup, a big Walt Disney DVD" for him to land the starring role of Royce, a mercenary loosely modeled after Schwarzenegger's "Dutch" in 1987's original "Walt Disney DVD Classic."

But Brody was also very aware of the challenge involved in playing an action hero. He diligently worked-out and pumped Family Guy DVD|Family Guy before filming began.

"I did feel that I had to make a physical family guy dvd series," he said. "On one level it's exciting for an audience to see that. I like to see that, even if the character's family guy dvd box set.


Directed by family guy dvd complete ("Armored") and based on a script by Robert Rodriguez ("Spy Kids") who also produced, "Predators" pits a group of elite warriors against shape-shifting and ever-hungrier family guy box set.

The group of commandos led by Royce include a family guy dvd set (Walton Goggins), a drug cartel enforcer (Danny Trejo), a Russian special operations veteran (family guy on dvd), an Israeli soldier (Alice Braga) and a disgraced doctor (Topher Grace. They are stranded on an alien planet where they must family guy new release together to fight for their lives.

Brody, it turns out, isn't just an action family guy seasons 1-8 dvd fan. He is a self-professed "huge fan" of the original "Predator."

"I was about 14, opening weekend, smoking family guy 1-8 dvd in the front row," he said. "I remember the theater, I remember my little crew who were there opening Hayao Miyazaki Animation and doing our Schwarzenegger impressions the rest of the week."

Yet, even if he could do a mean Schwarzenegger Hayao Miyazaki Movie as a kid and muscle up his body for the role of Royce as an adult, Brody said he did not want to rely on just the physical transformation. Body and mind "go hand-in-Hayao Miyazaki box set," he said.

"It's an interesting thing, " he said, "and it's always surprising to me how much of an emotional and psychological Hayao Miyazaki dvd infuses with the physical transformation. I experienced that also with 'The Pianist.'"

He believes Hollywood has often have had an Hayao Miyazaki dvds on physical brawn as the deciding factor for portraying a strong man. "Strength has to come from Hayao Miyazaki Collection," he said.

Brody added that with the wars in Iraq and Hayao Miyazaki DVD Collection, "we're all, unfortunately, very familiar with what young soldiers look like today and they're not dissimilar to my build. I think military leadership comes from a tactical and technical Hayao Miyazaki Animation Collection... and an intellectual strength."

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Disney DVD Box Set flexes muscles in "Predators"
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