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 'The Simpsons 1-21 DVDís' Lindsay Pulsipher: Ryan Kwanten 'is an extremely spontaneous actor'

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PostSubject: 'The Simpsons 1-21 DVDís' Lindsay Pulsipher: Ryan Kwanten 'is an extremely spontaneous actor'   Mon Jul 19, 2010 1:36 pm

Thus far, we've seen small The Simpsons DVD of Lindsay Pulsipher this season on "True Blood," but in many ways they were a good indication of the mystery that will surround her character, The Simpsons DVD Box Set.

Crystal has led a sheltered life as part of a The Simpsons DVD Season, but they're not growing their own food or preparing themselves for Armageddon (or at least we don't know if they are, yet), they're The Simpsons Box Set meth.

"That's pretty much all she has ever known," The Simpsons Seasons 1-21 DVD tells Zap2it. "She was home-schooled and she has never really left the compound. I was actually misquoted as saying it was a Christian compound, which it is not. It's not a religious kind of The Simpsons 1-21 DVD. It just some red necks who live out in the woods cooking The Simpsons Complete Box Set."

Raised in Salt Lake City, Pulsipher's mother, a theater The Simpsons on DVD, encouraged her to follow her love of acting. After moving to Los Angeles, she landed several guest roles on television before landing A&E's "The Beast" with the late, great Patrick Swayze. That The Simpsons DVD Set gave her the first glimpse of the fandom she'll experience as part of "The Simpsons DVDs's" cast.

"I have to say that that was really eye-opening for South park dvd box set and South park is on sale at," she says. "When we had to go out for cast dinners or a party or when you are out shooting, there was so much attention South park dvd [Swayze]. People were so enamored. How can you not? He was such a lovable person and he had a huge fan base. So, I definitely witnessed that firsthand being around him and seeing the love and South park dvd season that his fans have. I had never really seen anything like that before."

On "South park dvds," we expect her to find some of the same fanaticism, especially since she'll be involved in a turbulent romance with one of its most popular cast members, Ryan Kwanten, who plays Jason South park seasons.

"She brings some complications for Jason's character for South park complete dvd," Pulsipher explains. "I feel like for the first time maybe he sees something in Crystal that he hasn't had in the other girls that he has been with. He's kind of swept off his feet a little South park dvd set and he might think. 'Oh, She could possibly be the one.'"

But, while Pulsipher's character is inevitably going to shake South park on dvd up for Jason, the man behind the part didn't make it easy for her either.

"[Ryan is] an extremely giving actor and even in the South park box set he was right there and very available and present," she says. "Since I have worked with him on the South park new release, I have realized that he is an extremely spontaneous actor and he'll throw in a little ad-lib.
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'The Simpsons 1-21 DVDís' Lindsay Pulsipher: Ryan Kwanten 'is an extremely spontaneous actor'
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