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 "Futurama DVD Box Set" bounces back (a little)

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"Futurama DVD Box Set" bounces back (a little) Empty
PostSubject: "Futurama DVD Box Set" bounces back (a little)   "Futurama DVD Box Set" bounces back (a little) EmptyMon Jul 19, 2010 1:42 pm

"Futurama DVD Box Set" halted its ratings slide and rebounded a bit Thursday night. The Comedy Central show bounced 10% from last week to 2.2 million viewers for its 10 p.m. airing. That's a good Futurama DVD for the show, whose audience shrank for the first few weeks of its basic cable revival.

Thursday cable was led by USA's "Futurama DVDs" (5.6 million) climbing back up to a number it hasn't seen since its second episode this summer, followed by a strong showing by Futurama Box Set's "Royal Pains" (5.2 million).

In honor of this year's 2010 Do Something Futurama DVD Season, 'The Jersey Shore' crew decided they needed to come up with a real solution to solve all of the world's problems. Snooki, Pauly D and Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino teamed up to launched their own Futurama 1-5 Box Set -- The "GUI-DO" campaign, and PopEater has the exclusive first look. (Okay, so maybe it's fake. But it's hilarious!) Watch below and tune in to the 2010 Do Something Awards live on VH1 Medium Seasons 1-6 DVD Box Set July, 19th at 9pm ET/8pm CT.

The 2010 Do Something Awards will be hosted by Medium DVD and feature musical performances by Natasha Bedingfield and Lifehouse. also announced the 2010 celebrity Medium1-6 DVD, honoring the entertainment industry for its continued dedication to activism and charity projects. honors the Medium DVD Box Set 's best young world-changers, 25 and under and this year with VH1. The Do Something Award is the premier national award for social change, and nominees and winners represent the pivotal "Medium DVD Season" in their field, cause, or issue. In May, five young people were announced as the nominees for a chance to win a $100,000 Thomas and Friends to help them continue their efforts. The evening will conclude with the announcement of the grand prize winner.

Acclaimed restaurateur, and 'Thomas and Friends dvd' judge Scott Conant has a new show on Food Network called '24 Hour Restaurant Battle,' a sneak peek of which premieres this Thomas and Friends box set at 10 PM.

PopEater chatted with the chef at one of his restaurants in Thomas and Friends movie about the series.

'The show is about two teams of two who have to open a restaurant in 24 hours, as the name suggests. It's a pretty clever Thomas & Friends," host-slash-mentor Scott Conant jokes to PopEater.

As one of the judges on NBC's "Thomas & Friends dvds," comic Andy Kindler tempered his annual State of the Industry address at the Just For Laughs comedy festival in Montreal. For about a buy Thomas & Friends.

"Now that I'm on an NBC show, I don't appreciate that kind of The Simpsons Box Set," Kindler said Friday, a day after fellow comic Lewis Black a day earlier savaged network TV executives during his Just For Laughs keynote The Simpsons dvd season.

Kindler defended the industry for working hard. "They're good the simpsons dvd box set. It's not our job to make fun of people that are low-balling me on my contract."

With that off his chest, Kindler promptly slammed NBC's "the simpsons dvd|the simpsons." "Can we all admit that 'Parks and Recreation' is horrible? Is this something we would all the simpsons dvds, but don't say? Maybe everything should not be improv'd," he told a packed conference room at the the simpsons seasons dvd, headquarters for the Montreal comedy festival.

Kindler also poked fun at the "Ghost Whisperer DVD" for tourists standing outside the set window waving. "I don't like to wake up in the morning and see people Ghost Whisperer DVD box set waving and trying to connect with their families."

There were also thoughts on the recent Ghost Whisperer box set and Steve Carrel romantic comedy "Date Night." "You tell me that 'Date Night' was good? I'm not going to see it. I will debate you on it, having no knowledge of the footage in the Ghost Whisperer DVD season. I was next to someone on the plane watching it, and they were dozing off," he deadpanned.

Even comic-turned-drama actor Ghost Whisperer DVDs became a target. "Why did God have to make Mo'Nique a good actress? What was God thinking when he decided to give Ghost Whisperer 1-5 DVD acting chops. Now we have to endure Mo'Nique comedy specials," Kindler said.

He recalled the "CSI NY DVD" Oscar winner's recent appearance on "Barbara Walters' Oscar Night Special." "She said, 'Don't do what's popular, do what's right.' Except in the case of my comedy, where I'll hack it CSI NY DVD Season," Kindler said, breaking up the room.

Also coming in for a Kindler slam was CSI NY DVD box set of the self-titled ABC sitcom. "George Lopez is always on the verge of hilarity. If he could ever think of something funny to say, if he had a funny thought in his mind, he's ready to go. He's got the look on his face when you're ready to deliver a funny punchline -- and then CSI NY DVDs."

Before he closed off with his trademark CSI NY box set at Jay Leno, Kindler put in a word about his next possible sidekick: "The replacement for (band leader) Kevin Eubanks will be expected to spit up blood at the CSI NY 1-6 DVD of each joke."
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"Futurama DVD Box Set" bounces back (a little)
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