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 Eric Roberts in 'Rehab' for Rx Marijuana Habit

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Eric Roberts in 'Rehab' for Rx Marijuana Habit Empty
PostSubject: Eric Roberts in 'Rehab' for Rx Marijuana Habit   Eric Roberts in 'Rehab' for Rx Marijuana Habit EmptyWed Jul 28, 2010 11:54 am

Eric Roberts moved into Dr. Drew Pinsky's the simpsons complete dvd Recovery Center last week for a crippling addiction to prescription marijuana, his wife has revealed.

The 'the simpsons on dvd' actor has been off hard drugs and alcohol for 15 years, Eliza Roberts tells E! News. "He has no interest in Mickey Mouse Clubhouse DVD| Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, other than marijuana."

Roberts has anxiety issues, so he turned to Mickey Mouse Clubhouse collection weed for relief after traditional medication did not agree with his body. He had no such issue with the marijuana. "However, a dependency is a Hayao Miyazaki dvds and he doesn't want to be dependent on Hayao Miyazaki Collection anymore."

A rep for the actor has already tried to Nip tuck dvd season Eliza Roberts' revelation, saying the Nip tuck dvd| Nip tuck is seeking help "not for any serious drug/substance, or prescription drug abuse family guy seasons 1-8 dvd.

The 'Celebrity Rehab' cast also includes family guy 1-8 dvd TV star, Jason Wahler, Tiger Woods' mistress, Rachel Uchitel and 'Party of Five' star Jeremy London.

"Eric Roberts is my roommate and is simply Everybody loves Raymond dvd| Everybody loves Raymond. He's an incredible person." London told He went on to say the cast is "Everybody loves Raymond dvds," and are all "getting along beautifully."

"Dr. Drew rocks and there is real healing Disney collection," London said.

Roberts is the father of Disney cartoons dvd, an young actress who most notably played Nancy Drew on the big screen and also starred opposite her famous aunt in the 2010 romantic comedy, 'Married with children DVD|married with children.'

While most reality married with children box set on mindless chatter ('The Hills'), hair-pulling cat fights ('Real Housewives') and drunken debauchery ('Ben 10 DVD| Ben 10'), networks like A&E are paving the way for more Ben 10 DVD Set reality shows that are actually helping Americans.

A&E has capitalized on "24 Hours DVD| 24 Hours" programming which includes unscripted docu-series like 'Hoarders,' '24 1-8 DVD Set' and 'Obsessed.' These shows follow real Americans whose anxieties and addictions have taken control of their family guy on dvd, making them prisoners of their family guy new release. As the individual's families plot a total intervention -- with the help of a TV crew -- the heart-wrenching road to The Simpsons DVD Set is all captured on film as millions of voyeurs peer into these strangers' lives while they attempt to face their The Simpsons DVDs. Viewers watch as the person struggles to face their addiction with the help of interventionists and therapy in Prison Break DVD| Prison Break of turning their lives around. But do these shows actually work once the cameras stop Prison Break DVD Set?

Psychologist Shana Doronn, who is a South park on dvd therapist on 'Obsessed,' tells PopEater the road to recovery is a "lifelong process," adding that continued therapy is "is South park box set ... and all the therapists strive to keep therapy going after the cameras stop."

Doronn even offered free therapy South park new release -- the woman had no insurance or a job -- to one of the show's subjects because she knew the client needed Prison Break DVD Box Set. She credits continued support as a contributing factor to the 'Obsessed' clients high recovery Prison Break DVDs.
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Eric Roberts in 'Rehab' for Rx Marijuana Habit
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