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 Manga-Forum Rules

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PostSubject: Manga-Forum Rules   Manga-Forum Rules EmptySat Aug 16, 2008 6:03 pm

Hello Everybody! Heres the rules for the forum.
Be sure to first read and follow the forum rules, so you can easily be a part of the good community we have going.

- Never give out your password to anyone. The administration will never ask for your password, so anyone who asks you about it is just trying to get into your account, and perhaps more. Keep your password a secret under any circumstances.

- Don't insult people.

- Respect others' opinions.

- This forum is rated PG-13, so ease up on the swear words and do not post adult content. Posting adult content will probably get you banned immediately.

- Don't post or ask for warez or illegal links (that includes ROMs and illegal MP3 files).

- Don't post in old topics unless you have something good to add.

- Try not to go off-topic for too long.

- Use PMs to talk to someone about personal matters (click that person's name and select "Send a Personal Message").

- Don't spam. Spamming is a term given to disruptive posting, which includes such actions as:

Posting off-topic without a reason.
Useless posts (example: "Don't ask me, because I don't know.");
Posts limited to emoticons;
Posting extremely huge words, or excessive exclamation marks. This serves no purpose and causes the browser to extend to the right.
Bumping (posting in old topics without a relevant reason). You may post in old topics if you feel like you're adding something that others will appreciate. Just check the date on the last post of a topic to see if it's old. This doesn't apply to stickied topics , because they're always on top of all the others.

- Avoid posting after yourself. If you need to add something to your last post (and if someone hasn't posted after you), you can modify your post with the edit button. This only applies when you post right after yourself. You can make consecutive posts in a topic if it's been a while between each of your posts.

- If you need to tell someone about something personal, send a PM (Personal Message). Just click on that person's profile and choose "Send a Personal Message".

-Hate PMs, if reported, will be considered public and an offense that can bear strikes.

- While it's okay for you to include a link to your website in your signature/profile, don't make topics/posts advertising such things.

- You are only entitled to a single account. If for some reason you need a new account, PM the administrator about it.

- Members that have been banned from the forum shouldn't be discussed.
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Manga-Forum Rules
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