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 The Simpsons DVD's Fifteen Minutes Are Up, And It's Their Own Faults

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The Simpsons DVD's Fifteen Minutes Are Up, And It's Their Own Faults Empty
PostSubject: The Simpsons DVD's Fifteen Minutes Are Up, And It's Their Own Faults   The Simpsons DVD's Fifteen Minutes Are Up, And It's Their Own Faults EmptySun Jul 11, 2010 10:29 am

We want to take a The Simpsons DVD and write Jake Pavelka and Vienna Girardi a quick memo on fame whoring. In order to be a successful fame whore, the kind of fame whore that can ultimately take that whoring to a new The Simpsons DVD Box Set and turn it into a career (i.e. Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton, Kate Gosselin, Kendra Wilkinson), you have to find a way to make yourself likable. Because with likability comes The Simpsons DVD Season and with brandability comes ever more opportunities to gain increasing levels of faux celebrity.

Jake and Vienna have The Simpsons Box Set about this all wrong with their public feuding and overall nastiness. It's a lesson that Jon and The Simpsons Seasons 1-21 DVD learned early in their divorce. The public turns against you when you get too mean.

PopEater's own Naughty But The Simpsons 1-21 DVD was even disgusted by the pair (And it takes a lot to disgust Mr. Shuter).

"After that interview their The Simpsons Complete Box Set is worth less than BP!" Shuter exclaimed when we asked him about the pair. "It was a disaster. They both are done! It's so sad when two people we think we know turn out to be exact The Simpsons on DVD! Not since the Britney meltdown have I had to readjust my opinion so much."

Not that there is anything left of a The Simpsons DVD Set career for either Jake or Vienna to really salvage, but if the two of them want some kind of future in the public eye, now would be the time for them to shut their traps and find a way to make The Simpsons DVDs sympathetic characters.

THey already have a tenuous grasp on South park dvd box set and South park is on sale at 'Bachelor' contestants have rarely been able to catapult themselves to the next level of faux fame. And save for South park dvd and Ryan, whom America loves because they seem nice and normal, most of them have dropped out of the public South park dvd season pretty quick.

"It took Trista and Ryan some time to achieve their South park dvds of fame and that happened because they were an anomaly. I don't think there was a whole lot of value to begin with for Jake and Vienna but what there was has been eroded by their South park seasons," explains Matt Delzell, a director with the celebrity licensing group at Davie Brown Entertainment, a marketing and branding firm. "To sustain brand value you have to show people you aren't just out for the South park complete dvd and those two have proved otherwise."

And after their upsetting couch South park dvd set with Chris Harrison, both Jake and Vienna just seem so unlikable.

"There is an art to being famous for nothing. You MUST be likable, or have a South park on dvd where you are the sympathetic character, or end up working with someone untouchable and beloved or be related to someone we adore (Nicole Richie) this is why Spencer and Heidi didn't make a dime, why Octomom was shunned and why we adore Melissa Rycroft and Elizabeth South park box set," explains 'Cult of Celebrity' author Cooper Lawrence. "Jake is a fame-seeking attention whore with no likable qualities and Vienna is worse. They aren't getting endorsement deals, book deals or South park new release that would make them big money because nobody would buy anything from them."

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The Simpsons DVD's Fifteen Minutes Are Up, And It's Their Own Faults
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