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 Disney DVD Box Set's Trumping Paris in the Celebutante Wars

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Disney DVD Box Set's Trumping Paris in the Celebutante Wars Empty
PostSubject: Disney DVD Box Set's Trumping Paris in the Celebutante Wars   Disney DVD Box Set's Trumping Paris in the Celebutante Wars EmptyMon Jul 19, 2010 1:40 pm

We saw a picture of Disney DVD Set| Disney dvd accompanying an article about her faux drug bust in South Africa and almost thought, Paris who? Not really. Disney movies dvd is certainly unforgettable in almost every way, but it did make us think about how Hilton has dropped off of our celebrity radar lately and how she has most certainly been usurped in the celebutante market by her former friend and assistant, and celebutante second-mover Disney box set.

Paris Hilton has been a part of our world since 2003. Since then she has evolved from a club-hopping, panty-eschewing, party Disney dvd into a global brand.

And like most successful businesses, Hilton spawned Disney collection, other wealthy socialites who, because of their family money and their good looks also thought they deserved to be famous. In 2007 Kim Kardashian, Disney cartoons dvd's former friend entered the celebutante market, determined to reach Hilton levels of success. Kardashian used the Paris Hilton business model of utilizing personal Disney animation dvd to sell both her image and consumer goods, and as the second mover in the market was able to learn from Hilton's mistakes and did indeed become quite successful.

But now Kim has become so much more. Disney on dvd has used Keeping Up With the Kardashians as the mothership for various product extensions and have managed to cannibalize a lot of the consumer mindshare that used to belong to Disney dvd box set.

We can wax on about the qualitative aspects of the celebutante wars for Disney 100 years of Magic, but we like it when we can introduce some numbers into the equation. That's why we enlisted Davie Brown Entertainment, of the branding and licensing firm Walt Disney DVD Arm, those geniuses behind the Davie Brown Index, a quantitative way that brands can score the appeal of different celebrities to pit Hilton against Kardashian to see who is on top these Walt Disney DVD Classic.

Hilton's brand awareness today is at 98% saturation according to the Family Guy DVD|Family Guy. That puts her in league with stars like Julia Roberts, Elvis Presley, Michael Jordan, George Clooney and Jack Nicholson. Kardashian's is 20 points family guy dvd series at 78% saturation. That puts her in league with names like Jude Law, Stephen King, Derek Jeter, Joaquin Phoenix, and Jesse James. Not bad, but a much different group than Hilton's. Still, Kim is known by family guy dvd box set 80 percent of all U.S. consumers which is nothing to sneeze at.

But Kim is both more marketable and more family guy dvd complete, meaning that marketers want to attach her to their brands and that consumers want to buy those brands.

Kardashian has a stronger appeal than family guy box set (59 vs 44). Kardashian also tops Hilton is every other attribute, including trendsetter (64-57), endorsement potential (57-47), and aspiration (51-39). Over three years (between 2006-2009 when Kardashian began entering the scene), Hilton's scores have remained steady, though her awareness family guy dvd set 12 points during that span. Her aspiration the amount that people say they want to be like her), however, has dipped 13 points (from 52 to 39).

So it looks like Kim is winning this family guy on dvd, for now. But Paris is a smart lady and there is no doubt that she is laying in wait, rubbing her hands together and family guy new release an evil scheme to catapult herself back on family guy seasons 1-8 dvd.

New couple alert! Rumors are flying around family guy 1-8 dvd that 'Mad Men' actress January Jones and 'Saturday Night Live' cast member Jason Sudeikis are dating. The pair both attended the ESPY awards on Wednesday night and apparently weren't too shy about PDA, Hayao Miyazaki Animation reports.

"January and Jason were making out the entire Hayao Miyazaki Movie in front of friends," a partygoer revealed. "They seemed really happy and comfortable with each other."

Jones has also been making regular Hayao Miyazaki box set on the set of Sudeikis' new film, 'Horrible Bosses.' A source tells, "They were pretty flirty together!"

The couple met when Jones, 32, hosted 'Hayao Miyazaki dvd' last November. They were featured in several sketches together including a 'Rear Window' parody. Sadly, her overall hosting skills were generally panned.

Jones has been recently linked to Oscar winner Hayao Miyazaki dvds and Jeremy Piven. Sudeikis, 34, recently divorced his wife of six years, '30 Rock' writer Kay Cannon.

That totally works for the scene and he was doing that in the Hayao Miyazaki Collection, you know, he was kind of ad-libbing and improving a little bit, keeping me on my toes. And it works, because I think that I was able to play off that. And it worked because I got the Hayao Miyazaki DVD Collection."

"Star Trek" actor Clifton Collins has joined the cast of Hayao Miyazaki Animation Collection's highly anticipated fall drama series "The Event."
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Disney DVD Box Set's Trumping Paris in the Celebutante Wars
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